Hi. I’m Alaina.

A singing, gluten-free, running iphonographer who loves to dive into artistic pursuits and home remodeling.


I love sharing stories

and day-to-day solutions for gluten-free living, my favorite scenes from running adventures, and all the healthy-living eats, products, and practices I find useful.

Also, I laugh a lot.

My hope is that in telling my story, You will be encouraged to make the right changes for You (whatever that might be). My goal is to show you gluten-free baking can be easy, and that by moving at your own pace (following your intuition and heart in the right direction!), you can create the beautiful life you of your dreams.

Yes, I mean that.

The Blog

My heart and home, open to you:
Recipes, musings from running adventures, home renovation adventures, and life learnings, shared openly.
(You are now fore-warned, and may take a gander here.)


If you’re curious…
This is my story.

My Favorite Things

Yes, laughter is one of them!
And a great many other things that make my life more manageable, safer, cleaner, and … well, smell nicer!
Check it out!


I believe our joy is found in the journey, and sharing my journey with others is what makes My life truly wonderful.