Hi! I'm Alaina!

The past several years of my life have been a deep exploration of self through running, yoga teacher training, Reiki study and certification, classes to learn to coach others, and experimentation with diet (due to an unintended discovery while working on diet and exercise with a personal trainer nearly a decade ago). I am now "one of those people" who is gluten-free, consuming Organic foods, partnering with CSA's and perusing farmer's markets, and (mostly) eliminating processed sugar by shopping for whole foods. I have become a big fan of cooking, and look forward to sharing my intuitively concocted food experiments with you!

Ever since childhood, I have been an advocate for the three R's: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. As I look around my home, I would have to guess that no more than 15% of my worldly possessions are new. As an avid thrifter, craigslist connoisseur, and with a growing awareness of mindful practices that make my heart happy, this re-use philosophy is only becoming more prominent in my life.

While creating these practices that I have delegated so much time to learning, outside of a full-time day job, that I have severely diminished my available time for creativity - besides cooking. Hence this blog: I am intentionally devoting time to be creative and write, to share something valuable that serves me in my life. I hope it can be of use to you, as well.