Thanks for visiting my blog! I love to share gluten-free recipes, running adventures, and stories of everyday living with you.
I hope you find usefulness or inspiration from within these pages of living life as a gluten-free cook/baker, runner & multi passionate artist.

Hello world!

Here I am, at the beginning. I hope that you, my reader, will share in the joys and wonders I find in the world around me.  Truth be told, I am happy to have a place where I can highlight and explore these things that make me smile.  Perhaps they will inspire you.  Perhaps you will think of me as a silly person.  (On that account I can guarantee there is a joy to be found in the simplicity of silliness, and I do have a fair bit of that bug inside me).  But on the chance that your interest will be peaked as mine was by these musings, my purpose here will be served.

The Internet