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The Sixth Day

In completion of my sixth day in self-inflicted training I find myself feeling ... lighter.  My legs are no longer heavy in the morning when I run, nor are they sore after. Each time I strap on my Asics to tromp down two miles, I pause in the middle to do the following exercises: 20 push-ups 20 sit ups &  20 oblique crunches (left and right) 20 triceps dips 20 rows

The fist three days, these exercises, which take less than 10 minutes to complete, caused soreness in all different sorts of muscle groups.  Now, that pain too, has vanished.

My challenge of 2 for Twenty for Twenty-two days, is no longer causing me great physical suffering.  Yes, my mind still protests when I wake at six am, and yes it is difficult to make that conscious choice to just get out the door.  But once I put on my shoes, water-resistant watch, and make my way down the stairs of my apartment building, it is easy to keep going.  My legs move automatically, I focus on my stride, watching traffic, and making it to my mid-point to do the next task of push-ups, sit-ups, etc.

On the way back, knowing I am more than halfway finished, I focus on my reward: a latte at my favorite coffee shop, Sterling Coffee Roasters.  I finish strong and happy with a sense of accomplishment at the very start of my day, and a warm cup of perfectly foamy, steamed milk with delightfully robust espresso to maintain momentum after the endorphins work their way out of my system.

I wonder how the feeling of this workout will change over time; a week or so from now, will the morning run again feel difficult, or will it be routine - on the way to becoming habit...?  As a runner who is still out of practice, I can only hope for the latter!


Day 11 - Half 22

Two for Twenty for Twenty-two days