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Day 11 - Half 22

I can't believe I've already completed 11 days of running every day.  And I have kept my promise to myself, rain or shine, getting out and getting those two miles underfoot.  The distance seems pretty meager to my mind, as it has been trained to endure 4, 6, 8 mile runs as normal training lengths.  But the constancy... that is what has me spinning! For most of my adult life, I have not been able to commit.  Yes, period.  I can't commit to a workout routine, my favorite color (yes, I don't know), a hairstyle, a favorite food, an apartment to live in (my friends and family are laughing right now...), or to my own passion and desires.  Now, here I am, committing, to myself, to a short (and starting to feel effective) workout plan.  No one else to report to but me, ... and it's working!

I am also preparing to commit time, effort, hard work, perseverance, and my whole heart and mind to pursuing my dreams.  Who would have thought?  One and the other, in the same year, the same month!

Fascinating, that after years of being static, my life is changing.  All due to my own choices.

It is incredible, the sense of accomplishment; knowing I can take credit for these awe-inspiring (small - but significant!) leaps I have taken.  No push from behind, just one foot in front of the other...

And if I just keep plodding along, I will prevail!

2 more days 'till 22

The Sixth Day