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I have effectively given myself a reason to work out daily. Although this resolution is new, I intend to stick with my intent, and no coffee will be consumed until a workout is completed. The past month, post 22 days of running, has been an interesting observation of how running consistently, and then allowing myself to back off, affects my body, my sleep patterns, and my thought processes. I have noticed that it takes longer to feel tired at night, but I also feel sleepy throughout the day when I do not get a run in the morning. My mind wanders more, I have less focus, and I feel a lack of rest overall.

The most surprising affect of lack of running has been an increase in leg cramping. I always attribute those mid-calf spasms that take my breath away to an increase in mileage, or lack of proper stretching. In recent days, it would seem that it is simply due to lack of activity because as soon as I got back out and gave my legs a shake, the charlie-horse stopped waking me up early in the morning.

From this experience, I gather my body likes being active. So, in an effort to prevent breath-taking pain, I will give it the exercise it craves.

Other positive side effects noted include:

Clear mind. Tired by 10pm. Feeling good. Inability to stop smiling.

And I got to treat myself to coffee and brunch this morning. :)


The weekend is off to a great start!

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