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When There's Sun, Go for a Run!

As the end of March in the Pacific Northwest brings in a new season and runners rejoice in knowing they will no longer need to layer up to head outdoors, I remain hesitant, frequently checking the forecast prior to each outdoor adventure, unsure whether I will need to don my hat, long sleeve, pants and gloves. Spring in Portland is rarely predictable.  When I glanced at the temperature prior to yesterday's after-work hike/run uphill I was a little shocked.  64 degrees ... The first thought to pop into my mind, "Wool certainly is not necessary today."  I have become entirely dependent on my Icebreaker Wool long sleeve half-zips over the course of this chilly winter, and was rather dubious to think that I could get by without.  In fact, I dared to go bare-armed in a tank top!  Wind swept over my arms and brushed the hairs until they stood up, a phenomenal feeling I have not experienced during months of dark, damp, and cold.

Tank weather!




Tank weather!

Thursday evening was a beautiful time for a run.  To tell you the truth, I have enjoyed running in the cold enormously!  I did not know until this year how much fun I have while running.  Nevertheless, photographs usually turn out better in Portland when there's a little sunshine.  :)

The Saturday long run is on the docket to tackle in the morning.  The weather is supposed to be amazing, and we are starting from the Farmers market... Saturday is definitely getting a good start out the door on the right foot!

One last order of business: Marathon update!  I am planning to run the St. George marathon with my Grampa this year, allowing that we both get in to the race (it is a lottery entry).  Date set for October 5th, in Utah.  Now I need to get serious about my training schedule...

Happy running! ~Alaina

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