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The View Out My Blurry Window

IMG_9973 I was very happy this morning to be able to stay in and snuggle under the covers for a couple extra hours, savoring sleep on this last day of the weekend.   The day was rainy and I don't mean the usual Portland rain - There was thunder, and many downpour moments.   It was a wonderful day to stay in.

[wpvideo T7u8LgBt]

Of course, many hours later, the sun shone her light a little upon the damp Earth... Just to remind us it is Spring and not Fall.


I keep thinking about the level of training I am about to embrace for the 50K in July... and savoring today as a rest day, a day off from social commitments, and a day to really just be in my skin, in my home, immersed in my own thoughts was truly a blessing and totally necessary.   I keep forgetting that I need to take time for me, and I do believe I was starting to feel the effects of this choice.

Do you ever feel like you just can't go anywhere?  You have to stay in ... just to think?

My day was rounded out by the daily email from Runner's World:

RW Daily Kick in the Butt 5/18/2014

There is so much truth in that statement.  I know I have finally beat my opponent for the 26.2 mile races, but I fear that the battle will resume when I start pushing past that distance.  Training for the Siskiyou Out & Back 50K is going to be trying, but I am ready for the challenge.   :)

Happy Rest Day! ~Alaina

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Taking the Top Deck on Saturday's Run