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Home - Three Days Until Marathon


Traveling home, the sun shone over the cloud-covered land heading North to Oregon.  Seeing those piles of white fluff brought such joy and calm, I did not realize how much I missed home.  Now as I get ready for bed, I am so happy to be sleeping in a familiar space.




Going to  both Las Vegas and Los Angeles was a lovely idea.  The sun shining all around, the heat that soaked into my bones, the tremendous variety of food  was fantastic to experience.  I know this is contrary to what most theater people think of Los Angeles, and L.A. was really beautiful.   I can see why my best friend moved, and grew to love the city.


With three whole days left to go before Newport, I am starting to feel a little excited.

Who knows, this could be a great race!

Happy Running, ~Alaina

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